About Penny
For that one day when only the best will do.

About Penny

Hello! Thank you for browsing my website and wanting to know a bit more about me.

When I was young, I wanted to do something creative that involved flowers but life took me on a different journey towards the corporate Ferris wheel. Then a life changing event in 2008 made me realise I should do what I love. I came off the Ferris wheel and went back to College to study Floristry in 2010. This is where I found myself and truly blossomed.

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My passion for all things floral can be quite infectious. The perfectionist in me loves to be organised with eagle eyes for minute detail. If it's not on the spreadsheet, it's not happening. My husband aka Mr Blossoms says I have OCD and often moves things in my Blossoms Studio in the hope I don't notice anything different.

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After a 2 year apprenticeship, I was upgraded to Mummy status by a homeless boy cat. We named him Four Socks. We also have resident hedgehogs called Spike, Prickles and Tiggy. Each with their own hogitel. Our family is complete.

Apart from flowers, I love to cook from scratch for family and friends but I equally like eating out, trying new foodie places. The travel bug in me is in hibernation since becoming a florist. I ought to wake him and see the world more. Mr Blossoms and I have a joint love for Star Trek, Star Wars and James Bond. Anything sci-fi related is good. No gory, scary films please.

Now that you know a bit more about me and you think I am the perfect florist for your wedding, then please get in touch and let's start our floral journey together.

Penny x

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Penny is a very special person. She is much more than a floral designer. She gives her heart and soul to her work and attends to details as if it’s her own wedding.