Floral Classes

Penny loves to share her passion and knowledge for all things floral with others. She offers a range of floral classes to suit all levels, from complete novice to those who have attended flower arranging classes, right up to someone wanting to take up a new hobby.

The main aim is to ensure the attendees have maximum fun and leave the Blossoms Studio feeling inspired by their beautiful creations.

Classes run all year round and can be tailored to learn specific designs. The number of attendees is limited to 8 so that everyone gets personal attention from Penny.

Having attended Penny's flower classes, I can attest to the fact that she really knows what she's doing and managed to get some really stunning creations from all of us. She is a calm and gifted teacher and I would recommend her to students and brides alike.”
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Penny has a wonderful facility to combine fun with thorough, detailed tuition. I have always hugely enjoyed her classes, and left feeling that I had learnt substantial skills which I could apply time and again in the future.
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In one afternoon and with your very simple techniques, I feel I've got a skill for life and I was astonished at what I managed to do. Now I will see supermarket flowers in a totally different light. I'm thrilled that I know how to put a simple bunch of different things together and it will always look nice, plus that I know how to make them last longer and what to do with the remaining ones that outlast the others.
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Thanks to Penny, three sessions gave me enough confidence to tackle bouquets for my daughter and her four bridesmaids. I highly recommend Penny not only as a creative and gifted florist but also a patient tutor!
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